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Why should you consider Tringpartner for your Missed calls management system?

Tringpartner is an end-to-end solution for your business needs. Now keep track of all your missed calls systematically. Next, add all the missed calls to your database and get real-time notifications and alerts. Then, distribute the calls equally with your team and connect with every caller. Ensure no more missed business opportunities but maximum lead conversion.


Virtual Number

Track calls and auto-distribute them equally without any hardware setup using a virtual phone number.

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Greeting Messages

Answer calls automatically and integrate multilingual automatic greetings both offline and online.

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Call Distribution

Use the round-robin pattern to add calls to the queue, prioritize them, and route calls automatically.


Missed Call Assignments

Never miss a call. Convert every opportunity into business by improving the missed call response time.


24 X 7 Connectivity

Always be ready to answer customer calls. Route calls automatically or set self-service options out of business hours.


Admin App & Agent App

Use an interactive Admin app and Agent app to configure workflows and get quick summaries and reports.

Features of IVR Solution

  • Dashboard
    Identify all your missed calls and distribute them equally for quality tracking and conversion.
  • Dashboard
    Improve the response and conversion by notifying all the team members when a missed call happens.
  • Dashboard
    Route the missed calls to your dedicated missed call handling team to respond efficiently.
  • Dashboard
    Use the lead owner concept to assign the same agent to attend to the same customer's missed calls.
  • Dashboard
    Identify and track missed calls quickly with intelligent alerts and notification settings.
  • Dashboard
    Recognize missed calls and track them in real-time to ensure maximum lead conversion and response rates.

Benefits of using Missed Call Automation

Let's look at some of the benefits of the missed call solution.

Increase Lead Generation

Keep track of all your missed calls in real time and identify quality leads using the missed call solution. Then, get your best agent ready to attend to the prospect's missed calls and increase the chance for lead conversion.

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Outbound Calling Campaigns

Dedicate a team to handle all missed calls effectively and let them use multiple patterns to distribute calls equally among the group and increase call response rates. It will allow you to respond to all calls quickly and take hold of the situation.

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Improve Team Performance

It helps you monitor when agents attempt callbacks, allowing you to understand customer behaviour and offer quality services. In addition, you can use multiple patterns like round-robin or assign-to-all and distribute the calls to agents for optimal response rates.

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Admin App & Dashboard

Use the intelligent admin app and dashboard to get all the analytics at your fingertips. You get to know the call logs, missed calls, attempted calls, and response rates in detail. This missed call management solution helps you increase conversion rates.

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Live Reports

Use the live reporting features to enable notifications and alerts to your number as soon as a missed call happens. Use the live reports and analytical data to understand the number of missed calls, attempted callbacks, conversion rates, etc., in detail.

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Cost-effective & Flexible

Cost-effectiveness and flexibility are the potential benefits of the missed call solution. It helps you save the cost of other marketing campaigns, get access to the call logs of customers, track down each customer, and offer qualitative service.

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Sabuj Ghosh

Star Gym & Fitness

The app is really good. At a reasonable price, all features are available which helps for commercial purposes. I have never seen such an app like this. Thanks for making the app.


Pintu Giri


The best and cheapest call management system, I am using for the last 1 year, I found the cheapest and best, and those who are confused must check their 6 months plan.


Benher Issac

Concept Carton

Very good choice for the companies who wants monitor the inbound calls. User friendly interface and easy to navigate. Highly recommended.


What is a Missed call solution?

Missed calls are opportunities that you missed. A Missed call management solution is a service that allows businesses to track down customers and clients who attempted to call their service but failed to connect with an agent. When you use the missed call management software, you can monitor all the missed calls and add them to the cloud database. Later, use multiple techniques like round-robin, assign-to-sticky agent, etc., to distribute calls between your agents. It reduces their workload, improves efficiency, and boosts conversions.

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How does missed call management Work?

A missed call solution is a holistic approach to handling the customers who could not reach you to raise complaints, queries, or concerns. In the typical scenario, there are several reasons businesses miss several calls a day from customers, either because of being busy, unavailable, offline, or receiving calls from an unknown number. In addition, there may be potential clients or prospective customers on the list of missed calls. A proper missed call management system makes tracking numbers and engagement more accessible. You get all call logs and numbers from the cloud database. Use the round-robin pattern or assign it to all workflows to drive callbacks, convert every lead or retain clients.

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Picking the right Missed calls solution provider

Choosing a Missed calls solution provider is crucial for any business as it will be a strong pillar in the success of your business. The missed call management solution must be easy to use and cost-effective. There are many factors to consider before picking your missed call management software.

It would be best to compare multiple vendors in terms of ease of use, infrastructure requirement, downtime, implementation time, cost, operational support, integrations, convenience, and many more factors.

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Industries that use
Missed Call Solutions

• Banks
• Lending Institutions
• Insurance Companies
• Real Estate Companies
• Telecom Companies
• Internet Providers

• Schools & Universities
• Specialized Examination Centers
• General Services
• Government Services
• Professional Couriers & Deliveries
• Airline Companies

• Travel Agencies & Ticketing Agents
• Dating & Entertainment Lines
• Luxury Brands
• Retail Chains
• Building & Construction Industries
• Hospitals & Clinics
• Pharmaceuticals

• BPO & Call Center Industries
• Telemarketers
• Surveying Companies
• Food Delivery Services
• Hotels & Resorts
• Bars & Restaurants
• Shopping Malls

Industries that use
Missed Call Solutions

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • A missed call solution is often a software that allows businesses to track and monitor missed calls efficiently. You can configure the missed call management software in many ways. For example, it will enable you to use a round-robin pattern to distribute missed calls equally among your team or assign each call to a specific person or department, thereby resolving all customer queries and taking advantage of every potential lead.
  • You can improve customer experience to a great extent with missed call management software. It allows you to track all your calls and identify missed calls. You can then assign your team to initiate callbacks to all the missed call numbers to identify their requirement and offer prompt solutions. Therefore, it will help you identify potential customers, leads, and business opportunities, effectively improving customer satisfaction and brand value.
  • Round-robin missed call management is a pattern where you distribute all your missed calls equally between your team so that none is overloaded. As a result, they can spend quality time calling back customers and resolving their issues. It is one of the best methods to improve conversion.
  • A business can benefit from missed call solutions in multiple ways. First, you get all the details of the missed calls and save them in the cloud database. Second, you can distribute these calls to your team in multiple ways and ask them to call back those numbers and offer an immediate response. Third, you can analyze each call and understand if it is a potential client or a prospective customer, thereby retaining the valid lead. Finally, by calling back the customers who couldn't contact you quickly, you are significantly increasing your brand's awareness, value, and messaging.
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