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Why should you consider Tringpartner as your IVR Service Provider?

Tringpartner replaces all the traditional communication mediums for businesses with intelligent cloud-based interactive voice response systems. Accelerate your customer support with the best features in the industry.


Virtual Number

Track calls and auto-distribute them equally without any hardware setup using a virtual phone number.

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Greeting Messages

Answer calls automatically and integrate multilingual automatic greetings both offline and online.

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Call Distribution

Use the round-robin pattern to add calls to the queue, prioritize them, and route calls automatically.


Missed Call Assignments

Never miss a call. Convert every opportunity into business by improving the missed call response time.


24 X 7 Connectivity

Always be ready to answer customer calls. Route calls automatically or set self-service options out of business hours.


Admin App & Agent App

Use an interactive Admin app and Agent app to configure workflows and get quick summaries and reports.

Features of IVR Solution

  • Dashboard
    Automatically route calls to the right executives to offer optimum customer experience.
  • Dashboard
    Record calls automatically to access the information and assess their quality anytime.
  • Dashboard
    Access all the history and call logs and use them to convert leads into business.
  • Dashboard
    Automatically route inbound calls to specific agents or initiate outbound calls hassle-free.
  • Dashboard
    Automatically route inbound calls to specific agents or initiate outbound calls hassle-free.
  • Dashboard
    Automatically route inbound calls to specific agents or initiate outbound calls hassle-free.

Benefits of using an IVR number

A glance into some of the many benefits of an IVR number for businesses.

Manage Large Call Volumes

Automatically handle large call volumes by distributing the calls to the available agents on time or adding them to the queue and informing them about the wait times, allowing you to streamline resource management and customer experience.

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Customise IVR Settings

Customise the IVR settings to meet your business goals or offer direct access and advanced services to privileged businesses and customers. Add them to your list and identify them intelligently as they call, improving the overall experience.

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Professional Consistency

Provide professional consistency and 24 x 7 support with an advanced IVR system. Connect with your customers any time as an IVR is 24 hrs accessible and provides self-service options, pre-recorded voice messages, and easy navigation to solutions.

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IVR Messaging

Use a built-in curated list of music, text-to-speech options, or custom voice messages as you set up an IVR to enhance the user experience during hold times. Use these messages during wait-times or hold-times, or to greet and navigate the customers.

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IVR Routing & Self-service

Use the IVR settings to route calls simultaneously to respective agents or departments for faster resolution or provide self-service options for customers to navigate through multiple menus and find solutions automatically.

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Call Filtering & Recording

Filter your calls as they come and re-route them to the right person or department to offer the best solution quickly, avoiding multiple hold times and escalations. Also, record calls to evaluate the quality of service at a later stage.

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Sabuj Ghosh

Star Gym & Fitness

The app is really good. At a reasonable price, all features are available which helps for commercial purposes. I have never seen such an app like this. Thanks for making the app.


Pintu Giri


The best and cheapest call management system, I am using for the last 1 year, I found the cheapest and best, and those who are confused must check their 6 months plan.


Benher Issac

Concept Carton

Very good choice for the companies who wants monitor the inbound calls. User friendly interface and easy to navigate. Highly recommended.


What is an IVR system?

An Interactive Voice Response system (IVR number for businesses) is an advanced technology that allows organisations to manage both inbound and outbound calls efficiently using pre-recorded voice messages or text-to-speech tools. It evaluates the keyboard inputs of the user to route the calls to the right resources effectively for optimal customer experience and satisfaction.

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How does the IVR Number Work?

An Interactive Voice Response system (IVR for businesses) is an advanced automated phone solution used by organisations globally. An IVR system interacts with the callers using a preset menu and collects responses from their keypad inputs or voice responses. The IVR software can fetch information from the central database and trigger some actions like activation, deactivation, renewal, etc.

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Picking the right
IVR Service Provider

Before deciding on the best IVR service provider, you need to understand if your company needs an IVR service or not. You will be required to implement an IVR solution from a reliable IVR service provider, if you have multiple branches and clients from various parts of the country or if you provide multiple services or sell more than one product. You should definitely invest in IVR software if you have a strong online presence and social media accounts, and have multiple departments and wings to manage.

Now, once you have identified your requirements and are now set to get one, here is a detailed guide to help you choose the best system from the IVR service provider. Here is what you should do. The first thing to understand is whether you need an On-Premise IVR System or a Cloud-Hosted IVR System. In the case of a cloud-hosted IVR system, you don't need any hardware or infrastructure, whereas, for an on-premise IVR system, you may need some hardware and infrastructure based on the size of your solution.

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Factors to consider before choosing an IVR Service Provider

1. Understand if the IVR service provider offers a multi-level IVR system where you have multiple hierarchy levels and elevations.

2. You should always opt for a cloud-hosted solution to reduce the initial operational expense and access it from anywhere.

3. It must be easy to set up, configure, and use, and it must even be easy for novices to learn quickly.

4. Intelligent call routing , text-to-speech conversions, automatic call recordings, alerts and notifications, etc., are very important features of an IVR system.

5. Incorporate a click-to-call button to make it easy for potential customers to make calls quickly.

6. An IVR service provider must give detailed reporting, free demo and trial options, dedicated support over calls, email, and chat, and 24 X 7 customer assistance.

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People who use IVR solutions (buyer persona)

An IVR system from a reputed IVR service provider is a must if you receive hundreds of customer calls and queries on various services. If you can't manage your agents or customer service departments efficiently, you should get an IVR solution immediately. If you handle the below operations and receive too many inbound calls, it's time for you to consult a competent IVR service provider and get the right solution. It can quickly boost your brand image, improve department efficiency, and reduce operational costs considerably.

• Sales
• Support
• Technical Query
• Marketing

• Billing
• Product Returns
• Cancellations

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Industries benefiting from IVR service providers

Businesses of all types and sizes benefit from an IVR service provider as they can get a fully customized IVR solution to take their company to heights. An IVR solution can revamp the entire communication strategies and system of a company to its full potential. When you route calls to the right agent at the right time, you optimize the total efficiency of the customer support agents and departments. In addition to the basic features, an IVR service provider will give you advanced features like auto dialing feature, auto call recording, auto-answering, automatic online and offline greetings, call routing, etc., hence, helping your business take its efficiency to its peak level.

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Here Are Some Industries That Can Take
Full Advantage Of An IVR System.

• Banks
• Lending Institutions
• Insurance Companies
• Real Estate Companies
• Telecom Companies
• Internet Providers

• Schools & Universities
• Specialized Examination Centers
• General Services
• Government Services
• Professional Couriers & Deliveries
• Airline Companies

• Travel Agencies & Ticketing Agents
• Dating & Entertainment Lines
• Luxury Brands
• Retail Chains
• Building & Construction Industries
• Hospitals & Clinics
• Pharmaceuticals

• BPO & Call Center Industries
• Telemarketers
• Surveying Companies
• Food Delivery Services
• Hotels & Resorts
• Bars & Restaurants
• Shopping Malls

Here Are Some Industries That
Can Take Full Advantage Of
An IVR System.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • An IVR system (Interactive Voice Response system) is an automated software that allows businesses to answer customer calls automatically, interact with them through pre-recorded voice messages, and route calls effortlessly to the right agent on time. It prompts users to make keyboard inputs or voice messages to navigate through a preset menu template. The purpose of an IVR is to brand your professional image, improve customer experience, reduce call holds and wait times, and get quick remedies to their issues with self-service options.
  • An IVR system offers several benefits to the organisation in many ways. Some of the most common advantages of an IVR number are automatic call routing, call recording, call filtering, auto call answering, call logs, reports and analytics, etc. Effective resource management, business hours schedule, IVR customization, improved agent productivity, lead conversions, etc., are a few among its benefits.
  • An IVR software allows a business to set pre-recorded voice messages or text-to-speech messages to interact with the customer whenever they press specific buttons or reply with voice messages. Customers can enjoy self-service options by using the multiple input methods and get quick services or remedies. An IVR number redirects or routes callers to a specific department or agent after collecting responses through the menus. It reduces wait times, multiple hold times, or multiple call escalation processes.
  • An IVR number improves customer experience to a great extent by providing preset menus and voice messages as soon as they dial a business number . Customers can access the basic information from the preset menus or select the right input to get their calls automatically routed to the respective departments. It eliminates downtimes, call hold-times, call escalations, and more. As an IVR system can provide too much information without the help of an agent, customers can avail of such information any time of the day, which is outside the standard business hours.
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