Do you know?

On an average, a small business owner misses 40% of calls daily!

Don't believe us? Check your phone right now and count today's missed calls on your phone.

That's huge. It's shocking right?

But that's not your fault!

call management

Why calls go missed?


Using personal phone number for business

While using personal phone number for business, one can't differentiate business calls from personal calls.


Receiving calls from unknown numbers

You're less likely to answer calls from unknown numbers to your personal phone whereas a business would usually try to answer all calls coming in. New customers to business are always strangers when they first reach out to you.


Busy focusing on daily business activities

As a business owner, you can't always answer 100% calls coming. You have a much more important task to do which is to run and grow your business.

call management

How Tringpartner Call Management helps?

Tringpartner helps you manage your business calls by distributing calls among your team members. Tringpartner app helps your team to access calls and missed calls quickly along with options to keep a note or reminder.

1. Distribute calls among Teams.

With Tringpartner, easily distribute calls among teams using the most advanced call routing techniques such as round robin routing, simultaneous ringing or prioritized dial order.

distribute calls

2. Monitor Team Performance.

Monitor team performance at your finger tips using the Tringpartner business owner app. Get to know how each team member is performing and indentify the areas that require improvement and coach them.

team performance

3. Never leave customers in the dark.

No matter whether a call is answered or not, you cannot afford to leave customers in the dark. For calls that are answered, ensure the quality of conversation by frequently monitoring call recordings. For missed calls, ensure all missed calls are responded back sooner.

customer dark

Convinced yet? Let's hear Jack's story!



Jack is into construction business.



Jack offers land survey, plot assessment, architecture and building construction services.


Service Cost

Jack's services starts from Rs 3000 (eg: Basic Land Survey)


Phone Calls

Jack primarily does business over phone, be it customer or vendor.

Jack is a small business owner, just like you.

  • Jack is into construction business.
  • Jack provides not only simple services like land survey and plot assessment but also complex services like architecting and building an entire house or complex.
  • Jack's services start from Rs 3000 (Land Survery for example).
  • Jack is a very busy businessman spending most of the time on phone managing vendors and other business.

Google & Ads

Jack receives most of the calls from Google listing and other ads.


Daily Calls

Jack receives about 20 sales enquiry calls a day.



2 out of every 10 sales enquires convert into a deal.


Missed Calls

Jack misses about 8-10 calls a day.

Missed calls are missed opportunites for Jack.

  • For Jack, 2 out of every 10 sales enquires convert into a deal. Assuming the phone calls are for basic services, average deal value is 3000Rs.
  • If Jack misses 10 calls in a day, that means Jack is losing 2 potential customers. That's 6000Rs a day.
  • In a month, the loss is around 1.5 Lakhs.
  • But Jack is smart. He uses Tringpartner to address the missed opportunities.
  • Today Jack is happy as Tringpartner has solved a major business problem for him.

So, why wait? Be smart like Jack! Signup Now.

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