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Why should you consider Tringpartner as your Business Call Tracking Software Provider?

Manage your call traffic effortlessly with the Tringpartner call tracking system and convert every lead. The call tracker allows you to prioritize your call list in real-time and monitor all the inbound, outbound, and missed calls hassle-free.


Virtual Number

Track calls and auto-distribute them equally without any hardware setup using a virtual phone number.

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Greeting Messages

Answer calls automatically and integrate multilingual automatic greetings both offline and online.

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Call Distribution

Use the round-robin pattern to add calls to the queue, prioritize them, and route calls automatically.


Missed Call Assignments

Never miss a call. Convert every opportunity into business by improving the missed call response time.


24 X 7 Connectivity

Always be ready to answer customer calls. Route calls automatically or set self-service options out of business hours.


Admin App & Agent App

Use an interactive Admin app and Agent app to configure workflows and get quick summaries and reports.

Features of Call Tracker App

  • Dashboard
    Use the call tracker to identify vital leads from the call traffic, and give them personal attention.
  • Dashboard
    Access all the history and call logs and use them to convert leads into business.
  • Dashboard
    Automatically route inbound calls to specific agents or initiate outbound calls hassle-free.
  • Dashboard
    Automatically route calls to the right executives to offer optimum customer experience.
  • Dashboard
    Record calls automatically to access the information and assess their quality anytime.
  • Dashboard
    Set custom business hours in the IVR software to meet your schedules intelligently.

Benefits of using a Call Tracking Software

Tringpartner call tracking system offers several benefits to customers.

Better Customer Service

A call tracking system gives you detailed reports and insights on each call and helps you improve customer service and experiences considerably. The call tracker also has features like integrated IVR, call routing , recording, queuing, etc.

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Enhanced Lead Quality

Drive quality leads with the business call tracking software. It lets you record and track every call, evaluate them carefully, make immediate decisions, and stay competitive. Personalize customer experience and convert every lead with the call tracker app.

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Improved Marketing Plans

The business phone number tracking software helps you understand what works and what does not work for your prospects and customers. Use the call tracker data to identify successful marketing campaigns and strategies, and drive them in the right direction.

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Better Customer Insights

The call tracking system lets you analyze the call data at a granular level. Assess the customer trends and journey with the call tracking app to target your audience right. Drive the right keywords, ads, and channels to convert them into your loyal clients.

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Real-time ROI Traceability

Track your real-time ROI with phone call tracking software. With live call tracking, recording, and routing facilities, quickly evaluate the lead source and conversion trends, change your marketing strategy accordingly, and revisit your campaigns for maximum results.

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Data & Analytics Reports

Use the admin app of the call tracking system to assess the performance data of your resources and agents. The analytics from the call tracker app will help you understand the strength and weaknesses of the team and help you manage your staff efficiently and on time.

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Sabuj Ghosh

Star Gym & Fitness

The app is really good. At a reasonable price, all features are available which helps for commercial purposes. I have never seen such an app like this. Thanks for making the app.


Pintu Giri


The best and cheapest call management system, I am using for the last 1 year, I found the cheapest and best, and those who are confused must check their 6 months plan.


Benher Issac

Concept Carton

Very good choice for the companies who wants monitor the inbound calls. User friendly interface and easy to navigate. Highly recommended.


What is Call Tracking and why is it important?

Call tracking is the process of identifying who your callers are and how you can convert every call into leads or business opportunities. You need a call tracking app or a business phone number tracking software to run this. The sales and marketing team needs this data to optimize their advertising campaigns and marketing strategies to convert maximum calls into leads.

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How does a Call Tracking Software Work?

A call tracking system comes with several features. It allows you to record, route, and queue calls for efficient call management and analyze the data later. It lets you understand how customers found you and if there are quality leads in it. The business phone number will be connected to an IVR system with call routing and recording facilties. Based on the inputs of the customer, the IVR will route the callers to the respective agents hassle-free. Therefore, the agents can identify sales-related calls quickly and do the necesssary to convert such calls into sales.

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Picking the right Business
Call Tracking System

A business call tracking system is a critical tool in the modern world as it lets you track and improve the efficiency of the team, understand leads even before you attend the calls, monitor leads and conversion, and make wise decisions quickly. To do all these, you need a call tracking service provider and a call tracker app.

A call tracking solution is a breakthrough for many organizations as it lets you design the best marketing campaigns, increase lead conversion, and understand the team's strengths and weaknesses. So, let us learn ways to choose the best call tracking software for your business.

It should not always be about the cheap prices offered by certain call tracking solution providers but should be about the features, functions, and impact it offers.

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Steps to choosing a
reliable call tracking application

1. Number coverage and range: - See if your call tracking solution provider offers coverage in the countries you would like to campaign and run services.

2. Uptime and reliability: - Request for demos and cross-verify the capabilities and popularity of the call tracker with real-world scenarios and examples.

3. Check for common features: - It is ideal to check for features like IVR, virtual numbers, call management, routing, recording, pre-recorded voice messages, greetings, etc.

4. Analytics & reports: - The call tracking solution should give you detailed insights on the basic features like call history, call records, date and time, duration, caller information, demographics, etc.

5. Cost-efficiency & affordability: - The most critical part of choosing the best call tracking solution is to check its pricing. You must see if the offered features compensate for the price you pay or not.

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People who use Call Tracking Software (buyer persona)

Despite what industry or business segments you belong to, you can use the call tracking system to monitor every call, track every lead, convert them to sales, optimize the team's efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction. With an intelligent Admin app or Agent app, you can evaluate the real-time performance of the department and make quick decisions. If you wish to do all these and grow creatively and win sales, it is high time you subscribe to a call tracking application or business call tracking software. You can use a call tracker for;

• Sales
• Support
• Technical Query
• Marketing

• Billing
• Product Returns
• Cancellations

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Industries benefitting from Call Tracking Service provider

A virtual phone number is for everyone. It lets you route calls automatically and keep the customers satisfied. In addition, it lets you use your resources to their full potential and improve team efficiency. A virtual business phone number comes with several features and is suitable for all types of industries and businesses.

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Industries taking advantage
of Call Tracking Software

• Banks
• Lending Institutions
• Insurance Companies
• Real Estate Companies
• Telecom Companies
• Internet Providers

• Schools & Universities
• Specialized Examination Centers
• General Services
• Government Services
• Professional Couriers & Deliveries
• Airline Companies

• Travel Agencies & Ticketing Agents
• Dating & Entertainment Lines
• Luxury Brands
• Retail Chains
• Building & Construction Industries
• Hospitals & Clinics
• Pharmaceuticals

• BPO & Call Center Industries
• Telemarketers
• Surveying Companies
• Food Delivery Services
• Hotels & Resorts
• Bars & Restaurants
• Shopping Malls

Industries taking advantage
of Call Tracking Software

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Call tracking is the process of recording all your incoming, outgoing, and missed calls to understand your customers and serve them better. This data can be used to improvise your marketing strategies and generate ROI.
  • The call tracking application works through a virtual number. You configure the call tracker to record all your incoming and outgoing calls and log all your missed calls. You can use the IVR settings to either route the calls to respective departments or agents based on the customer's inputs or put them in a queue and offer them self-service options. You use the data to identify potential leads, train staff, and design marketing campaigns accordingly.
  • Businesses have been using multiple call tracking solutions to track calls. It is not just identifying the caller ID but handling the call management as a whole. You can track calls, record them, and use them to generate in-depth insights on customer trends, team performance, and leads.
  • Tringpartner is the best call tracking app available in the market. It uses the same telecom technology as Waybeo, and provides solutions like IVR, virtual phone numbers, business phone numbers, call tracking software, etc.
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