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Why should you consider Tringpartner for your Call Management System?

Replace all your traditional efforts of call handling with the most advanced and automated call management system. Monitor all your inbound and outbound calls to improve the productivity and performance of your agents as you increase the efficiency of your customer support operations.


Virtual Number

Track calls and auto-distribute them equally without any hardware setup using a virtual phone number.

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Greeting Messages

Answer calls automatically and integrate multilingual automatic greetings both offline and online.

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Call Distribution

Use multiple patterns like round-robin, assign-to-all, assign-to-sticky-agent, etc., to prioritise and distribute calls automatically.


Missed Call Assignments

Never miss a call. Convert every opportunity into business by improving the missed call response time.


24 X 7 Connectivity

Always be ready to answer customer calls. Route calls automatically or set self-service options out of business hours.


Admin App & Agent App

Use an interactive Admin app and Agent app to configure workflows and get quick summaries and reports.

Features of Call Management System

  • Dashboard
    Route your calls automatically to the right departments with the advanced features of call management app.
  • Dashboard
    Use the call management system to automatically distribute calls to the best available agents.
  • Dashboard
    Use call records, logs, and analytics to monitor quality, resolve disputes, and generate insights & reports.
  • Dashboard
    Make your calls interactive using the IVR settings like self-service menus, pre-recorded voice messages, etc.
  • Dashboard
    Get comprehensive reports on the calls attended, missed, converted, etc., along with agent performance details.
  • Dashboard
    Track the efficiency and performance of your team in real-time with the advanced features of call management software.

Benefits of using Call Management System

A glance into some of the many benefits of call management software

Streamline Communications

Streamline all your communications and increase efficiency using intelligent call management software. It helps you control all your inbound and outbound calls. Also, never lose your customers with the missed call tracking system.

distribute calls

Track Performance

Track the performance of your agents regarding call quality, missed call management, customer handling, etc. Now it is easy to understand the bounce rates, average interaction time, average call answering time, on-call resolutions, etc.

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Improve Customer Experience

Integrate your call management software with tools like CRM to offer a better quality customer experience. Track down every call and customer requirements, and elevate the customer experience to the next level with the call management app.

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Identify Leads or Urgencies

Understand priority calls, leads, and urgencies with an intuitive call management system. Identify urgent calls and leads and prioritise them or add them to the priority list, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with the software.

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Reduce Operational Costs

Reduce your operational costs by implementing a call management app today. Handle calls easily by using features like automation, virtual numbers,IVR systems , call tracking, recording, routing, reporting, etc.

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Make Secure Business Calls

Be assured of your customer's privacy. Secure their data and protect their preference, logs, history, and more with the call management app. The call management software will help you encrypt the data and backup regularly into the cloud.

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Sabuj Ghosh

Star Gym & Fitness

The app is really good. At a reasonable price, all features are available which helps for commercial purposes. I have never seen such an app like this. Thanks for making the app.


Pintu Giri


The best and cheapest call management system, I am using for the last 1 year, I found the cheapest and best, and those who are confused must check their 6 months plan.


Benher Issac

Concept Carton

Very good choice for the companies who wants monitor the inbound calls. User friendly interface and easy to navigate. Highly recommended.


What is a Call
Management App?

Call management app or software is a dedicated system to give your business 360-degree control over all your incoming and outgoing calls. It also helps you monitor missed calls, store data on the cloud, and create analytical reports quickly. This system has advanced features like IVR,virtual number ,call routing , etc., to reduce your operational costs, improve team productivity, and enhance customer experiences considerably.

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How does the Call Management System work?

Call management app helps you route calls automatically or during live interaction. It also allows you to track, analyse, and record calls for quality monitoring, training, and performance improvements. With the software, you can control all your calls better - inbound, outbound, and missed calls . You can track all your calls to identify leads and problem areas and generate real-time analysis reports for future action plans.

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Picking the right Call Management Software

Call management software gives you ultimate freedom and control over all your inbound, outbound, and missed calls. So you must be careful in choosing one, as you need to pick the right one that offers full-service support, features, and advanced functionalities. You need cloud-based telephony to leverage all such features to make it practically useful. It should facilitate excellent customer experience and improve your overall team productivity.

Also, you will require an intelligent dashboard and agent app to control all your settings and requirements. As a business owner, you must have a clear understanding of the features required, problems to be solved, and areas to be improved by using the call management app.Multichannel communications, security, cloud-hosted services, self-service options, call routing, call transfer, and call recording are some of the most common features of call management software.

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Factors to consider when choosing Call Management System

1. It is essential to understand your business niche first. If you happen to sell products or services, you need a call management app with a strong IVR feature in it. It will help you with self-service options and route your calls intelligently in case of tickets, support queries, complaints, etc.

2. If you need to manage all your business calls effectively and make outbound calls as well, you need a solution with that scalability and performance.

3. Check if you want to deploy the call management software to multiple locations. It will only be possible if the vendor provides such support. So I need something on the cloud rather than an on-premise solution.

4. Take demos, and see what works for you in terms of functionality, performance, reporting, customer assistance, value for money, etc.

5.And finally, your budget. Pick the best call management system within your budget.

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People who use
Call Management App
(buyer persona)

If you sell products or deliver services and you receive calls regularly for queries, complaints, tickets, renewals, etc., you must use a call management system. You should use the software if you have dedicated team members to handle incoming calls or a team to make outbound calls. If you have multiple departments in your organisation, you need software to manage all your calls effectively.

• Sales
• Support
• Technical Query
• Marketing

• Billing
• Product Returns
• Cancellations

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Industries benefiting from Call Management Software

Despite the size of your company or what kind of business you need, if you happen to sell products or deliver services, you should have call management software. Several industries benefit from a call management app in terms of improving customer experience, agent productivity, operational costs, and overall team performance. Call management system can revamp the entire organisation quickly as it will give you 360-degree control over all your calls, say it inbound, outbound, or missed calls.With advanced features like call recording, transferring, text-to-speech messages, interactive music, IVR self-service menu, etc., industries can handle their sales, marketing, customer support, and all other departments effectively.

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Industries that use Call Management System include;

• Banks
• Lending Institutions
• Insurance Companies
• Real Estate Companies
• Telecom Companies
• Internet Providers

• Schools & Universities
• Specialized Examination Centers
• General Services
• Government Services
• Professional Couriers & Deliveries
• Airline Companies

• Travel Agencies & Ticketing Agents
• Dating & Entertainment Lines
• Luxury Brands
• Retail Chains
• Building & Construction Industries
• Hospitals & Clinics
• Pharmaceuticals

• BPO & Call Center Industries
• Telemarketers
• Surveying Companies
• Food Delivery Services
• Hotels & Resorts
• Bars & Restaurants
• Shopping Malls

Industries that use Call Management System include;

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Call management system is a software solution that gives you ultimate control over all your incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. By installing a call management app, you get some premium features like call recording, call routing, IVR menus, virtual numbers, auto-attendant, etc., to improve your customer experience and team productivity.
  • Incoming call management is the process of attending to and managing all the incoming calls in an organisation. It allows you to keep track of the leads, priority customers, and urgencies. From small businesses to large enterprises, every business makes use of call management software for incoming call management.
  • Call centres handle a lot of inbound, outbound, and missed calls. Therefore, they need highly sophisticated and advanced call management apps. Some of the best call management systems in India are the following;
  • Call management system is of utmost importance for businesses if they happen to make outbound calls or receive inbound calls. Call management app will help you improve your customer experience and increase team productivity. and can help you identify leads on top priority.
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