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Why should you consider Tringpartner as your Business Phone System Service Provider?

TingPartner provides the best business phone systems to mid and small enterprises. The working dynamic of Tringpartner is based on an intelligent cloud-based virtual environment that is fueled by advanced features to deliver the best results in the industry.


Virtual Number

Track calls and auto-distribute them equally without any hardware setup using a virtual phone number .

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Greeting Messages

Answer calls automatically and integrate multilingual automatic greetings both offline and online.

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Call Distribution

Use the round-robin pattern to add calls to the queue, prioritize them, and route calls automatically.


Missed Call Assignments

Never miss a call. Convert every opportunity into business by improving the missed call response time.


24 X 7 Connectivity

Always be ready to answer customer calls. Route calls automatically or set self-service options out of business hours.


Admin App & Agent App

Use an interactive Admin app and Agent app to configure workflows and get quick summaries and reports.

Features of Business Phone System

  • Dashboard
    Carry out your services seamlessly with an advanced Virtual Business Phone System. Use it to transfer, record, route, and trace calls effectively.
  • Dashboard
    Record all the incoming and outgoing calls automatically and keep track of the call logs for analysis and performance monitoring.
  • Dashboard
    Track your calls - incoming, outgoing, and missed. Use the admin dashboard to get quick analytics of the call quality, leads, performance, etc.
  • Dashboard
    Create personalized on-hold messages or a piece of pleasant music to keep your customers engaged while you put them on hold or transfer calls.
  • Dashboard
    Use a self-service menu to transfer all the incoming calls automatically or use a virtual phone system in real-time to transfer live calls.
  • Dashboard
    Use the automatic call routing feature to route the inbound calls automatically to the right department or agent with a business phone system.

Benefits of using business phone system

A glance into some of the many benefits of using business phone system

Get more visibility & insights

Tringpartner's cloud phone system is built using intelligent technologies and automation facilities, allowing a business to generate accurate insights quickly. You will have a 360-degree view of all the inbound and outbound call data, helping you identify leads and opportunities faster. It also will help you trace agent performance and take wise and quick action plans.

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Easy to setup & maintain

One of the critical benefits of using Tringpartner cloud telephony is that you can implement it quickly. As it is hosted in the cloud and doesn't require any additional infrastructure, it is easy to set up and run in minutes. Once you configure the IVR system , call forwarding, voice messages, self-service menu, etc., it will take your business to new heights.

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Call routing & forwarding

With the inbuilt intelligent call transfer, routing, and recording features, redirect your incoming calls seamlessly and automatically to the best available agent or department. Trace the user inputs against the self-service menu in the business phone system, auto-attend the call or escalate and transfer them to higher authorities and concerned departments quickly.

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Communication centralization

Centralize all your incoming and outgoing calls with a top-notch business phone system. The modern age of business phone systems allows enterprises to leverage the benefit of unified communication channels on one platform. Access all the call logs, history, recordings, and insights in real-time from a central dashboard, and monitor performance easily.

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Data reliability & security

Cloud-based telephony from a verified and reliable business phone service provider will add more security to your data. It helps you avoid the risk of data loss and protects you with enterprise-grade security protocols and policies. The software will keep your data encrypted and organized in a central database for you to access anytime.

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Auto Attendants

Auto attendants use pre-recorded voice messages or text-to-speech functions to attend to calls as and when they come. It then routes calls based on the user inputs to the right departments for offering quick resolution. Therefore, it eliminates the hassle of internal call transferring, hold times, delays, and multiple escalation requirements.

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Sabuj Ghosh

Star Gym & Fitness

The app is really good. At a reasonable price, all features are available which helps for commercial purposes. I have never seen such an app like this. Thanks for making the app.


Pintu Giri


The best and cheapest call management system, I am using for the last 1 year, I found the cheapest and best, and those who are confused must check their 6 months plan.


Benher Issac

Concept Carton

Very good choice for the companies who wants monitor the inbound calls. User friendly interface and easy to navigate. Highly recommended.


What is a business phone system?

A business phone system is a multi-line cloud-based telephony that offers features like automatic dialing, conference calls, unlimited calling, call recording, and real-time call transferring to multiple departments.

As communication is the key to leveraging successful business in the present-day business world, a virtual business phone system can help you communicate effectively with a caller or vice-versa. Be it digital or brick-and-mortar, it is critical to reaching out to your customers in business. Therefore, excellent telephone customer support remains a crucial element for companies.

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How do business phone systems work?

A virtual business phone system works on robust technologies that power cloud telephony. The data transmission process in the cloud phone system is known as packetization. Businesses use virtual cloud technology to route multiple business calls simultaneously to several phone numbers effectively and automatically.

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Picking the right business phone system Provider

Knowing the immense benefits of a business phone system, almost all organizations are getting their cloud-based phone systems. Choosing the right business phone system is a significant decision that needs to be made by a business leader. Every business requires a business phone service provider to help them implement a cloud telephoney.

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When selecting or upgrading your business phone service, you need to consider various factors.

1. Identify what kind of system you are looking for and see if you have enough equipment to host the business phone system.

2. Don't forget to consider your scalability options, as it is essential to keep future growth in mind.

3. Assess the call volume for your business based on office locations, employees, vendors, stakeholders, etc.

4. Set an allocated budget before enlisting the phone system providers.

5. Request a free demo before shortlisting your options.

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People who use business phone system solutions (buyer persona)

You would require a cloud-based virtual phone system from a leading business phone service provider if you receive calls in huge volumes and need advanced features to scale your business. If managing your customer service and internal departments looks like a stubborn task, implement a business phone system. It should be your priority.

An effective business phone system can build your brand rapport, improve efficiency and eliminate additional cost build-up.

If you are working in any of the below-mentioned operational departments and receive too many inbound calls and have to make several outbound calls as well, it's the right time to consult a business phone service provider.

• Sales
• Support
• Technical Query
• Marketing
• Billing

• Product Returns
• Cancellations
• Feedback
• Shipping

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Industries benefiting from business phone service providers

Any enterprise - a startup, small business, or a substantial multi-national or international business, can benefit significantly from a virtual phone system. A cloud phone system is an asset that gives your business a competitive edge in terms of quality customer experience and operational efficiency.

It not only reduces the local phone bills but also offers other great offers such as flexibility, scalability, quick turnaround time, and much more. Many industries assume the virtual business phone system to be complex and expensive, but it is far from the truth and is a big myth.

The business scenario in the entire world calls for revolutionary technology and ditching age-old traditional business models. It's high time companies onboard business phone systems to stand out in the industry.

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Industries that can use business phone systems efficiently,

• Banks
• Lending Institutions
• Insurance Companies
• Real Estate Companies
• Telecom Companies
• Internet Providers

• Schools & Universities
• Specialized Examination Centers
• General Services
• Government Services
• Professional Couriers & Deliveries
• Airline Companies

• Travel Agencies & Ticketing Agents
• Dating & Entertainment Lines
• Luxury Brands
• Retail Chains
• Building & Construction Industries
• Hospitals & Clinics
• Pharmaceuticals

• BPO & Call Center Industries
• Telemarketers
• Surveying Companies
• Food Delivery Services
• Hotels & Resorts
• Bars & Restaurants
• Shopping Malls

Industries that can use
business phone systems efficiently,

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • A business phone service is a multi-line communication system set up for typical business environments. In the modern-day offices, traditional telephones are replaced by the cloud phone system or the virtual phone system for effective communications
  • There is no ballpark number of how much a business phone system costs, as essential business phone services vary from service provider to service provider. Also, depending on the number of add-on services and features offered by the business phone service provider, prices may vary from plans to plans.
  • Every business phone service provider has its way of installing cloud-based phone systems. Once you pick a business phone service provider, they will guide you smoothly towards installing your office phone system.
  • Business phone systems for small businesses are a blessing as they help them to streamline their business and workflow throughout their business development. They can easily track, route, and record incoming and outgoing calls for quality and training purposes using the virtual phone system, and identify and convert leads quickly.
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