Telesales lead management – A beginner’s guide

Ramakrishnan CL | PUBLISHED ON Oct 25, 2022

Telesales lead management - A beginner's guide

For any business, both buyers and sellers need to have meaningful conversations! A phone call is the most efficient and easiest way to facilitate this conversation.

That’s why every business needs a lead management system to connect with their potential leads and convert them into your customer! 

If you are an organization making and receiving calls to customers and vice versa, you should know what a lead management system is and how it benefits your business. 

What is Lead Management?

A lead is an opportunity in the form of a person, company or corporation who has the potential to become your customer! So lead management is the process of capturing, qualifying, nurturing, and converting leads into sales opportunities. This process also helps you identify the pain points and requirements of customers. 

The telesales lead management involves the following steps:

5 steps of telesales lead management

1. Lead Capture

The first step of the sales lead management process is to capture a lead. After that, the lead management software automatically connects the buyer and seller whenever a customer makes a call! 

2. Lead Tracking

As the name suggests, the second step is to track the captured leads. The lead management system has a call tracking system which helps you track the entire process and gain valuable insights! 

3. Lead Qualification

The next step of the sales lead management process involves the evaluation of prospective buyers who are most likely to purchase while eliminating the unfit ones. For that, you use lead management software to quickly identify the buyers who are most likely to make a purchase!

4. Lead Distribution

Lead distribution involves distributing qualified leads to your appropriate sales representative. The main aim of this step is to assign leads to the salesperson who is best fitted to close the deal. You can use well-defined lead management software to distribute calls to the best agents automatically!

5. Lead Nurturing

Just because someone is a “qualified lead” doesn’t mean that they will purchase from your company! So lead nurturing is a sales lead management process where you build strong relationships with customers by identifying their pain points and expectations. The IVR system of your lead management system lets you provide exceptional customer service and improve your conversion rate! 

Why Do You Need a Lead Management System?

As you can see, optimizing customer interactions and manually identifying their pain points is not so easy! Instead, if you have perfect lead management software, connecting and managing your leads is not a big deal. 

A lead management system not only helps you interact with your potential customers but also lets you track every interaction with your clients! 

That’s not all; the system also offers an intelligent call management system and protects your data and privacy! 

So it’s not too late to get a well-defined lead management software! 

Top 6 Benefits Of Having a Lead Management System

No businesses want their leads to be missed or lost! The following benefits will help you understand the importance of having efficient lead management software to boost your revenue! 

1. Fast Activation

A lead management system does not require hours to install or set up! You can easily activate the system within a few minutes. All you need to do is to upload your customer contact list to go live and start call campaigns! 

2. Less Expensive

Lead management software is affordable for all businesses since it does not require expensive devices or instruments! Moreover, the system doesn’t have hidden fees or take up a lot of space! All you need is a smartphone to place business calls over the cloud! 

3. Mobile App Access

One of the most significant benefits of a lead management system is mobile app access. As mentioned earlier, you can securely log in from your mobile phone from anywhere to manage your business calls. 

4. 24×7 Support

No customer wants their call unanswered! Therefore lead management software lets you route calls automatically or set self-service options around the clock without delay. This feature allows you to provide customer support even after your business hours.  

5. Automation

One of the predominant benefits of lead management software is automation! In this busy world, every customer wants responses to their inquiries immediately. 

Therefore, you can set automated responses using a lead management system to respond to your potential customers without delay. 

Moreover, as already mentioned, lead management software has advanced tools to capture leads and assign them to the right agent automatically! 

6. Better Customer Service

As your lead management software provides detailed reports and insights on each call, you can quickly identify your customers’ pain points and expectations. 

Furthermore, you can ensure a best-in-class customer experience since the system has integrated IVR, call routing, recording, queuing, etc.

5 Must-have Features to Consider While Choosing a Lead Management System

Now you might want a lead management system for your business, Do you? 

That’s a good thing, but make sure the tool you choose offers the following essential features. 

Features of telesales  Lead Management

1. Call Tracking

As mentioned above, your sales representatives may not be able to keep track of all the calls they’ve had with every client! Again, large companies may have to deal with an overwhelming number of customers daily. 

The lead management system lets you prioritize your call list in real-time and effortlessly monitor all the inbound, outbound, and missed calls! 

2. Data Analytics and Reports

You will need lead management software with robust reporting and analytics features to make the most out of all your sales opportunities! 

The system will provide you with insights into the performance of your resources and agents. As a result, you can quickly identify your team’s strengths and weaknesses and make meaningful decisions!  

3. Call Distribution

Call distribution is an innovative feature that automatically distributes qualified leads to the right sales representative. They will also get instant notifications on their mobile phones about their tasks so that no one misses a lead! As a result, you can improve your follow-ups and maximize the chances for conversion. 

4. Advanced Security

Clients provide you with their data, believing all data will remain safe in your system. So, it’s your responsibility to use lead management software with robust security features. 

Ensure that the tool has advanced security features such as two-factor authentication, unified password and management tools for SSL encryption, malware detection, etc. These features prevent cyber crimes by keeping all your customer and business data safe! 

5. Missed Call Management

This feature lets you keep track of all your missed calls systematically. You can also add all your missed calls to your database to get real-time notifications and alerts. As a result, you can distribute the calls equally among your team and ensure no business opportunity is lost due to missed calls!

Final Thoughts

As we have learned the many phases of lead management, we must understand that every positive lead is a business opportunity and revenue. Therefore, a small, medium, or large organisation receiving and making inbound or outbound calls to customers must consider a telesales lead management system. 

It is such an innovative tool to skyrocket your sales opportunities. To start with, we recommend Tringpartner, a comprehensive call management software with endless features and functions to take your business to the next level. IVR, call routing, call recording, lead management, missed call management, virtual receptionist, self-service menu, etc., are some of the many features of Tringpartner. 

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