Missed Call Solution: – The Ultimate Guide To Managing Missed Calls For Business

Binny Agarwal | PUBLISHED ON Sep 20, 2022

Missed Call Solution - The Ultimate Guide To Managing Missed Calls For Business

Missed calls might be an inconvenience to you, but they are a potential gold mine for businesses.

Missed calls can give valuable data about your customers and their preferences, which can help you improve customer engagement and increase sales. According to a report, poor customer service leads to $75 billion in lost revenue annually.

A missed call solution will allow you to track every call that goes unanswered or ignored by your clients. In addition, it will enable you to analyse the reasons behind these missed calls to define action plans and improve customer satisfaction.

How To Manage Business Calls: A Quick Glimpse

Missed call management solutions have become a must-have for any business, whether you are a startup or an established enterprise. However, it will be a daunting task to identify the right service provider. It is because many missed call management providers in the market today offer features at different price points.

Before jumping into more details, we should understand why you have so many missed calls, aka missed opportunities. 

  • You use your phone number, making it difficult for customers to differentiate between your business and personal numbers.
  • Using your own number makes you less likely to answer or attend to unknown callers. 
  • You are busy focusing on your day-to-day operations and can’t dedicate time to attend to so many calls.

However, using this guide, you will learn how to manage missed calls, what software to use, and make an informed decision about choosing a missed call management solution according to your budget.

Missed Calls For Business: How It Works?

Missed Calls For Business: How It Works?

Usually, businesses use an IVR system to auto-answer customer calls. It will then provide a self-service menu for the customer to find quick solutions to their basic queries or route the caller automatically to the next available agent based on their inputs. In such cases, missing calls are infrequent.

Once you’ve set up your missed call management solution for a business account, you can identify them quickly, configure the system to auto-dial the caller, and route the live call to the available agent once answered. 

The best thing is that you can take immediate action on missed calls with the missed call management solution. You can track down the call logs for missed calls and see how many calls are returned by the agent. You also get instant notifications on your device for every missed call occurrence. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Track And Analyse Missed Calls For Your Business

You would have to track and analyse missed calls for your business. You can do this by using the services of a missed call solution provider. A missed call solution provider will help you in managing the number of calls that are not answered, as well as increase your call response rate by using an IVR Missed Call Management Software.

  • IVR Missed Call Management: This service enables companies to take advantage of an automated self-service menu. They can find relevant information by responding with specific keypad inputs. Still, if they do not find resolutions, the system will immediately transfer the calls to the available ag
  • Missed Call Alerts: This service allows businesses to set up an alert on their system as soon as they get a missed call. They can return the call immediately or add them to the auto-dial queue. 
  • Missed Call Notification & Auto-dialling: Use the auto-dial service to call the customer back automatically. Once the customer answers the calls, based on the configurations, the system can run the self-service menu or transfer the calls to the live agent. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Missed Call Solution For My Business?

A missed call solution can help you identify the reasons behind missed calls. It enables you to find out your business’s problems and how you can resolve them. It also allows you to identify areas you need to improve and focus on so your business grows efficiently.

A look at the benefits of missed call solutions for your business.

Missed call management helps you to assign each missed call to a unique user. This way, you can monitor the calls and identify if they were existing customers or new potential clients. 

Missed call management also allows you to monitor whether your customers are answering calls or not. If they’re not making any attempts, there may be an issue with your business process, which needs further investigation. You can then follow up with them through social media or email marketing campaigns until they finally pick up their phones!

With missed call management software, it’s easy for businesses such as yours (or even just individuals) to track and analyse all of their incoming calls for maximum efficiency!

Is missed call management complicated?

Missed call management is not a complicated process. You can set up your missed call management system in minutes if you have the right tools and know-how. All you need is an IVR system, which any business can set up on their website in under five minutes. 

Once the IVR system is installed, customers can make calls to your company at any time of day or night and choose from a variety of options, including:

  • A welcome message that tells them who they’re speaking with (and what you do)
  • An opportunity to hear about current offers or deals
  • Option to transfer or escalate the live call to another agent or department. 

What is the Right Way To Handle Missed Calls?

What is the Right Way To Handle Missed Calls?

If you’re looking for a way to handle missed calls and follow up on them, the right tool is an essential first step. Forgotten call management software enables you to track these missed opportunities and spend more time focusing on growing your business.

The right system will not only help you identify missed calls but also allow you to capture information about the caller and respond efficiently.

When you receive a missed call, then the missed call solution should automatically assign it to a unique user.

This will help you track missed calls and follow up accordingly. You can also use this information when reaching out to customers, ensuring they have a positive experience whenever they interact with your business.

Is there a missed calls service provider in India?

There are several missed call management providers in India. It is an essential feature for any business today. This is because missed calls are an integral part of any business. There are many reasons for missed calls, but the fact remains that the call was made and not received, which means that it needs to be handled in some manner.

Through missed call management software, you can:

  • Manage all the marketing campaigns performed by your company
  • Get instant alerts and a complete log of all missed calls
  • Track and monitor the number of missed calls against the calls returned. 
  • Identify potential sales opportunities and leads

Missed call management software in India

You can manage your business’s missed calls with a software application. It is called a missed call management system, which you can integrate into your telephone system. It will automatically log all the missed calls from customers based on specific criteria like time or number of calls per day. Then, it will send them an SMS alert to remind them to return the call.

The best part about these systems is that they are affordable and easy to set up!

  • Automatically assign each missed call to a unique user and monitor whether callbacks are attempted.
  • Agents receive an instant notification on their phones when they receive a missed call or voice mail. 
  • Listen to the message and respond immediately with a pre-recorded voice or text message sent directly back to the caller with one click.
  • Use an IVR to auto-dial missed calls and then transfer the live calls to the immediately available agent as soon as the customer answers it. 

Alternatively, use the software to schedule a time for someone in your team to follow up later if it’s more convenient.

IVR missed call management

Missed call management handles your business’s incoming calls, which can be done in various ways.

There are several methods for managing the incoming calls you receive on your business number, including:

Manually answering every single phone call and handling them individually. This is inefficient because you’re spending time taking calls that could have been answered by an automated system or by someone else (such as an operator).

Use a self-service menu to auto-answer all your phone calls or route them to different agents based on the caller’s inputs. If you do not have enough agents to pick up the calls at the moment, add them to call queues. Also, set post business hours messages so that you have all the call logs in hand and customers find basic and relevant information from the self-service menu. 

What if there was a way that you could send an automated response to every incoming call, text or email?

This would save you and your staff more time and make it easier for others to get in touch with you.

It will help you reduce the chances of missed calls from people who have tried calling your company but didn’t get through due to being busy or engaged in other calls.

Why should you use the Tringpartner missed call management for your business?

The Tringpartner missed call management is an excellent way to manage your business. It allows you to:

  • Keep track of all calls received, answered & missed
  • Automatically assign each missed call to a unique user and monitor whether callbacks are attempted
  • Receive an instant notification on your phone when someone has left a message for you
  • Listen to the message and respond within minutes with a pre-recorded voice or text message that is sent directly back to the caller
  • Track the number of calls received and their duration to better manage your time and schedule.

How Tringpartner missed call management work?

Tringpartner uses a set of advanced technologies to manage missed calls efficiently. 

  • Round Robin
  • Assign to all
  • Assign to a specific agent(s)
  • Assign to sticky agent

Ever heard of round-robin patterns? Yes, Tringpartner uses the same round-robin pattern to distribute missed calls equally among team members. 

With the missed call management system, you can notify all the members of missed calls so that the immediately available agent takes prompt action to reduce the total number of missed calls and improve response time. 

The system also allows you to assign missed calls to a dedicated agent or a set of team members, or even you can identify the agent who has already handled the customer previously.


A missed call solution helps you to manage your business calls and also ensures that there is no loss of revenue due to missing customer calls. In addition, it is an easy method for managing marketing campaigns and increasing sales by keeping track of customers’ preferences.

As a result, it helps businesses to engage with their customers better and increase market share in the competitive market environment. 

If you are still confused, take a free demo or talk to our experts and find the right solution within your budget, please feel free to contact us.