Best Cloud-based Phone System in India in 2023

Ramakrishnan CL | PUBLISHED ON Nov 29, 2022

Best Cloud-based Phone System in India in 2023

Maintaining a healthy relationship with customers is an integral part of any business. However, meeting customers to discuss products, services and pricing are only possible in this busy world. So the best way to connect with the customers is by phone calls!

Moreover, modern customers expect better customer service and faster results. So there needs to be more than an ordinary telephone system to handle hundreds and thousands of incoming calls coming to a company. So apart from well-trained agents, businesses should also use innovations like cloud-based telephone systems! 

What is a Cloud-based Telephone System?

In simple words, it is a telephone system that works on an internet connection. It means you can attend calls using a mobile phone, computer or any smart device with a stable internet connection. You can also save money by eliminating the need for expensive hardware, bulky cables, etc. 

Cloud telephony services

The cloud phone service is ideal for agents who like to work remotely. Cloud telephony services also have advanced features like Interactive Voice Response System(IVR,) Call Forwarding, Call Recording, etc., to improve customer experience.  

Benefits of Cloud-based Telephone Systems

Cloud-based telephone systems help businesses in many ways. Here are the most important benefits of cloud phone services.

Easy to Scale Up

As you already know, cloud-based telephone systems do not require more space, cables or hardware installations. So when upgrading your business, like opening a new office, cloud phone service enables you to quickly add more customers to the list. 


Since you can access a virtual phone number from anywhere with an internet connection, you will always get a call. So no more missed calls mean no more missed opportunities. As a result, your agents can work from any location and manage their time better. 

Save Money

Using a virtual phone system, you can eliminate maintenance costs, hardware upgrades, cable repairs, etc. Moreover, most cloud telephony services offer flexible plans, where you only have to pay for what you use. 

Improve Customer Satisfaction

The IVR feature of the cloud telephony solutions greets customers, identifies their issues, and routes calls automatically to the right agent. As a result, you can ensure a quicker response with improved customer satisfaction. 

Save Time and Improve Productivity

With a cloud telephony solution, the entire customer interaction history, call logs, and recordings will be available at your fingertips. So you can save time searching for data; instead, you can answer more calls and improve overall productivity. 

Need Less Maintenance and Space

Since there’s no bulky hardware installed on the customer premises, cloud telephony services do not take up much space in your office. Moreover, all the software updates happen in the Cloud automatically at regular intervals if the subscription is active. As a result, you don’t have to worry about maintenance or updates.

Advanced Features

A cloud-based telephone offers many valuable features besides allowing you to attend calls via the internet. For example, Call Forwarding, Call Recording, Call Routing, etc., are the additional features you get when subscribing to a cloud telephone service. 

Top 8 Cloud-based Telephone Systems in India 

1. Tringpartner

Tringpartner is one of the best cloud-based telephone systems trending in India. This cloud telephony provider is ideal for businesses and offers flexible plans. So if you’re looking for a complete virtual phone system at affordable pricing, Tringpartner should be your first choice. 

The cloud-based telephone system of Tringpartner also has additional features like an IVR system, Stand-alone Business Number, Call Recording, etc. These valuable features help you offer exceptional customer service and boost your brand value. Lastly, Tringpartner is secure, easy to use and configure, so there’s no need for a second thought before getting this all-in-one cloud phone service. 

Best Features

  • Stand-alone Business Number

This 10-digit number will act as your standalone business number, enabling you to manage calls effectively. Plus, you can send automated responses, check call details, listen to call recordings and do more. 

  • Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS)

You can improve customer support with this powerful Interactive Voice Response System(IVRS), where customers can interact with a cloud-based virtual receptionist via voice configuration and DTMF inputs.

  • Call Recording

This feature automatically records every customer interaction in your cloud storage. You can use these recordings to analyze the quality and performance of your agents. Also, identify opportunities, leads, and areas of improvement. 

  • Call Forwarding

You can use Tringpartner’s cloud-based phone system and make a virtual phone number your brand identity. Then, you can forward all incoming calls to the mobile numbers of the agents, and they can answer the calls from anywhere. 

  • Call Routing

The call routing feature route calls automatically or in between a call. As a result, you can reduce customer waiting time and improve your agents’ overall productivity and performance. 

  • Dashboard & Analytics 

The intuitive dashboard lets you view and manage all your call logs, recordings, leads, and agent performance in a single window. In addition, the cloud telephony service will provide you with in-depth reports and analytics. 


  • Free Trial Available
  • Basic: ₹4999/year (₹2999/6 months)
  • IVR: ₹14999/year (₹8999/6 months)

2. Exotel

If you want to enhance customer engagement, Exotel’s cloud-based telephone system is a good choice. Exotel is quick to install, allowing your agents to answer customer calls from anywhere. Moreover, Exotel has powerful analytics capabilities and call-tracking features to help you improve your efficiency. 

Best Features

  • Exhaustive Analytics
  • Custom Integrations
  • Real-time Customer Updates


  • Free Trial Available
  • Dabbler: ₹9999/5 months
  • Believer: ₹19999/11 months
  • Influencer: ₹49499/11 months

3. MyOperator

MyOperator is another cloud telephony provider that allows businesses to manage inbound and outbound calls and enhance customer service. It also offers a live dashboard to track the performance of your agents and make improvements. Like any other cloud telephony service, MyOperator also features call tracking, forwarding, recording, etc. 

Best Features

  • Live Dashboard
  • Multi-level IVR
  • Push Reports


  • Desk Plan: ₹5000/month
  • Prime Plan: ₹2000/month
  • Enterprise Plan: Contact MyOperator for details.

4. Ameyo

Ameyo is an all-in-one cloud phone service that helps you manage customer journeys. Using the flexible solutions of Ameyo, you can easily set up a remote call centre. Moreover, Ameyo can seamlessly integrate with popular CRMs and HelpDesk software to ease your work. 

Best Features

  • Auto Dialer
  • Number Masking
  • Skill-based Routing


  • Contact Ameyo for details.

5. Servetel

Founded in 2017, Servetel is another easy-to-use cloud telephony provider in India. This virtual phone system helps you run multiple voice campaigns for different industries, from politics to healthcare. Plus, the flexible pricing plans of Servetel lets you pay only for what you need and save money. 

Best Features

  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Agent Scheduling
  • Real-time Analytics


  • Free Trial Available
  • Customizable Plan: Contact Servetel for details

6. Pulse

Pulse is another innovative cloud-based telephone that lets you easily route customer calls to suitable agents in different departments. Using Pulse, you can ensure smooth and meaningful customer interaction without any huge investment. In addition, you can monitor the status of agents in real-time and evaluate their performance quickly. 

Best Features

  • IVR & Voicemail
  • Dashboard Accessibility
  • Call Management


  • Contact Pulse for details.

7. CloudConnect

CloudConnect was founded in 2018, and it has all the necessary features to make your business communication process more efficient. Using CloudConnect, your agents can make calls even from their homes if they are working remotely. In addition, this virtual phone system is customizable, allowing you to add greetings, music and menus of your choice. 

Best Features

  • HD Audio Conferencing
  • Conference Dial-In
  • Instant Messaging (IM)-Text & Attachments


Contact CloudConnect for details.

8. Ozonetel

The intuitive dashboard of Ozonetel lets you access all call controls, such as hold, mute, and transfer, from a single place. In addition, Ozonetel has all the necessary tools like auto-dialers, dashboards, and more to improve agent productivity and customer service. You can also integrate social platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook with this virtual phone system. 

Best Features

  • Purpose-built Auto Dialers
  • Live call monitoring dashboards
  • Screen Recording


Contact Ozonetel for details.

Final Thoughts

Every business should maintain strong relationships with customers irrespective of their size or type. Fortunately, many cloud telephony services offer all the necessary tools to enhance customer service. Moreover, cloud telephony services are less expensive, quick to install and do not require maintenance. 

All the cloud telephony providers above offer a great variety of intelligent solutions. Among these tools, Tringpartner should be your first choice since it provides the best cloud phone service with the most advanced features in the industry!