What is Pay per Call?

The one thing that we have realized over the last five years, working with 100+ businesses is this: enterprises struggle to qualify and measure leads that affiliate networks generate for them. Businesses invest big money in their call centers, and at the end of day, the qualified leads were just below 2% – this means that out of every 100 outbound calls made, just 2 were actually Sales Qualified! The payout mechanism was more favorable to spammers. We have even seen cases where publishers send out emails saying “Fill this form and get Rs. 10 recharge coupon.” (You can imagine the ‘quality’ of this lead)

So, we thought we should solve this chaos in the Pay per Lead Industry and hence the new initiative- TRINGPartnerWe spoke to all the advertisers we know who struggle with the quality of their leads, and most of them we know are huge believers of Inbound Calls. We hate outbound calls and let me tell you why. Don’t we all just hate stock market brokers calling you in the middle of your work to pitch their Demat solution? Believe me, I get at least 5 such calls every day. We need information only when we ask for it – not otherwise!

Before we jump into Pay per Call, I would like to tell you why we think Inbound Calls are the future. Yes, Inbound Calls are the future is what we believe.

There are many logical reasons to the statement and it’s not a blind belief that we put forward.

  1. The Smartphone Revolution
    The mobile search is going to overtake desktop search is something we all know. But, the opportunity it has to generate inbound calls is huge. Google says “40% of users who search from mobile end up making calls”. With Google/FB/Twitter driving billions of Inbound Calls with Click to Call buttons, it’s pretty much clear that Inbound Calls are the future of Lead Generation Industry.main
  2. 50+ Advertisers are using our Call Analytics
    This is a proof that Enterprises drive inbound calls from Ads. Ask any of our customers why they use our Call Analytics. The answer is simple. They get more conversion from Inbound Calls with lower call center operational costs and customer acquisition costs.
  3. Inbound Call Vs Outbound Call 
    The inforgraphic says it all.111

Why Pay per Call?

  1. We have advertisers who need calls
    We have about 20+ campaign at launch. Advertisers find it easy to manage inbound calls as the person who makes an enquiry over phone is likely to convert and their call centers will become more productive.
  2. Lead Generation is a hot market, but affiliate networks are unable to capture it
    Quality of lead is always an issue when it comes to lead generation. We believe the lead generation Industry is at least a USD 2 billion market in India. Most of affiliate networks deal with E-commerce sale/App-Installs which is their major revenue source. Pay per Lead simply doesn’t work like that, which is why most affiliate networks struggle to get into huge industries like BFSI, Education, Healthcare, Real Estate, Urban Services, Tours packages, Home Services, and so on. These industries are driven by calls, but affiliate networks find it hard to crack this market.
  3. Payout is huge
    Unlike traditional Pay per Lead pricing, the payout for Inbound Calls are huge. As I said earlier, the conversion rate of Inbound Calls are higher, hence higher the Payout is. We have seen conversion rate from inbound calls in the range 10-50%. Auto Insurance/Home Services industry has the highest conversion rate is what we can infer from the data we have.
  4. We are a technology company, not just another affiliate network
    We have quality publishers. Oh No! It’s not a usual statement made by yet another network. We try to remain unique in everything we do. Most of our publishers are affiliates from international pay per call networks who come with hands on experience in delivering performance based on inbound calls. Unlike other networks, we have a strong passion towards technology. We are a technology company at first. Hence, we put technology at our thoughts prior to anything else. We are very sure that even our sub-affiliates may attempt to spam. But, this is why we developed Genuine Call, a filter that automatically detects spam calls using artificial intelligence. In most of the cases, we don’t even patch the call through to your call center if we identify it as a spam call. From as simple as relating caller id to social profiles, we work deeper in analyzing audio signal for pattern matching to identify spam calls using machine learning algorithms.

How Pay per Call works?

blog img final 3

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About the Author

Krish is the CEO of Waybeo, a team that believes in the power of voice communication more than anything else. Waybeo is currently providing Call Analytics for top brands in India.

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  1. Mona Talwar
    Posted on September 30, 2016 at 11:08 pm

    Such an inovative idea. This can bring a massive change.
    Looking forward to it.

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